High Quality Slab Leak Repair Services from Qualified Inspection Specialists – We Detect Leaks with 100% Accuracy

Water belongs in your sinks, in your bathtub, and in your pool. It does not belong on your floors, underneath your concrete slab, or leaking from your water heater.  If you find a water leak in your home, it is crucial to find the source of the leak right away to prevent further damage from happening to your home or building.

At My Hermosa Beach Plumber Hero, we know timing is mission critical to keeping your home’s structure dry and intact. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week ready to send one of our knowledgeable, licensed contractors to your door to assist you with leak detection services.

Our Contractors Use the Best Equipment Available

Outdated methods of detecting water leaks that involve ripping up a homeowner’s concrete slab to find the source of the leak are unnecessary and costly. We promise that the contractors we partner with will never use this technique for finding leaks. Our contractors only use state-of-the-art equipment that listens for audible clues below ground which indicate a leak is present.  All of the specialists we collaborate with are certified and highly trained to use this equipment, which makes finding leaks a piece of cake. Accuracy and speed are the two keys to reducing the costs to our customers in terms of leak detection and repair.

Our Slab Leak Repairs Are Always Guaranteed!

Taking care of a slab leak is not an option. It is something that needs to be done immediate to prevent future problems from arising beneath the foundation of your home.  When you put your trust in us, you can feel confident that our technicians will make repairs that are sound and long-lasting.

There are many instances that can lead to slab leaks: pipe corrosion due to age, pipe deterioration due to poor water quality, improperly installed piping, and inconsistent water pressure. Our technicians will make suggestions for repairing the location of the leak and also offer suggestions for improvements to your piping system to prevent future slab leaks from reoccurring in the future,

Call today and learn more about our unbeatable prices and warrantied water leak repair services in Hermosa Beach, California!