Faucet Repair in Hermosa Beach, CA

Water that drips from your kitchen sink faucet or your bathroom sink can be annoying, especially when it happens 24 hours a day and keeps you up at night. These leaks will also waste water and increase your water bill. It is estimated that for every two seconds that a faucet leaks over 1000 gallons of water is wasted in just one year.

My Hermosa Beach Plumber Hero is a hometown plumbing service that can put you in touch with a local contractor in no time at all. Our plumbing pros can fix any problem in your home from outdoor hose bibs and laundry room connections to bathtub and shower faucets. We even service water shut-off valves. All of our plumbing contractors are masters at their trade with decades of combined experience.

When you want home faucet repair and installation services you can trust in Hermosa Beach, California, give us a call!

Same Day Repair Service

Many people attempt to repair their faucets on their own. If you don’t have a plumbing background and the right tools, this is a home improvement project that could backfire on you. We’ve spoken with numerous homeowners who call us in a panic because a simple repair has turned into a nightmare. Save yourself the money and frustration up front. Call for professional repair services and skip the hassles of DIY faucet repair.

We guarantee affordable, same day service not only for repairs but for kitchen faucet replacement, garbage disposal installation, and bathroom faucet installation. Like our repair services, our installation service is guaranteed and always reasonably priced. We service all brands (Kohler, Delta, American Standard, etc.) and types (ball, disk, cartridge, and compression) of faucets. There isn’t a leaky faucet that is any match for our certified plumbers.

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