Hermosa Beach, CA – Toilet Repair, Replacement, and Installation

Don’t let toilet problems go unresolved. If you have toilet in your home that is causing you concern, call My Hermosa Beach Plumber Hero today. We go the extra mile to make sure that we address your toilet repair issues today and not tomorrow. Whether you need emergency plumbing service for a toilet that is overflowing or you want to learn more about our drain cleaning services, call us night or day and we’ll give you the answers you seek.

24/7 Clogged Toilet Repair

Stopped up toilets are not fun. They’re a pain to deal with and are generally unpleasant. Ignoring a clogged toilet, especially when waste water is trickling over the sides of the toilet, is not an option. If you’ve already tried plunging the clog without success, it’s time to call for backup.

Our licensed plumbers know how to attack a blocked toilet fast and efficiently. These men and women arrive on the scene with a fully-loaded service vehicle that is equipped with video plumbing equipment, tools to make immediate repairs, and the latest technology for quick and precise drain cleaning.

Once your drainpipe is free and clear of any obstruction, our plumbers stick around to clean up their messes and to answer any questions the homeowner may have. Homeowner education is one of our specialties.

Tips for Reducing Clogged Toilet Problems

The best way to save money on clogged toilet repair in Hermosa Beach, CA, is prevention. Here are just a few ways that you can keep the plumber away.

  • Only flush toilet paper.
  • Use small amounts of toilet paper to prevent shallow clogs.
  • Throw feminine hygiene items in the trash. Even if the packaging says it is safe to flush it is always best to err on the side of caution.
  • Same with baby wipes. Do not flush baby wipes in the toilet. Dispose of these in the trash can.

Stop Jiggling the Toilet Handle! How to Repair a Running Toilet

Jiggling the handle of a toilet that runs nonstop is not the most effective way to handle this situation. Opt instead to replace the broken components and put an end to wasteful water usage. Running toilets can waste two gallons of water every minute that they run, which is quite ridiculous when you consider how easy it is to repair this problem.

First, turn the water off to the toilet. You can do this by locating the water shut-off valve on the wall behind the toilet. Next, look inside the toilet tank. Is the toilet chain attached? If not, reattach it and try to flush the toilet again. If this doesn’t work, you could have a broken flush valve or flapper. These repairs are easy to make, but if you’re not familiar with the interior working parts of a toilet it’s best to call for plumbing service from a licensed plumber in Hermosa Beach, California.

Toilet Replacement

Old toilets guzzle water like you wouldn’t believe. If you’re remodeling your bathroom or tired of repairing your old toilets, let us show you how you can benefit from a new toilet. Once you’ve discovered how inexpensive it is to operate low-flush toilets, you’ll be wondering why you waited so long.

For the best toilet repair, replacement, and toilet installation service in Hermosa Beach, pick up the phone and get in touch with us today!